Will Noon rides across America – post 1

Will Noon, touring drummer for the Grammy winning band FUN., gave us a ring here at Throttler Motorcycle Magazine telling us about his trip riding across America. A recent Jimmy Fallon appearance brought Will to Florida where he will begin the ride.

Heading out from Naples and along the way, he will be documenting his journey and is allowing us to share the ride with everyone. Hope you enjoy!

June 20, 2014


Florida DMV parking lot, picking up my temp tag.  Just getting to know the bike, a 2003 kawasaki klr650.

will noon FUN. band drummer

That night I had to finish up some pesky work business. This is my perspective while playing the tonight show with jimmy Fallon down in Orlando.


Night and day seat height from my kawasaki Vulcan 500 (very low seat) to the Klr (I can’t imagine people under 6 foot feeling comfortable while stopped).  I miss my windshield and the handlebar grips are a little small, will probably swap them out.


Few hours south to Naples FL to visit my brother and his family.  Bike runs a bit hot, but consistent.  Coolant level is at proper levels, fan seems to work. Might clean the bugs out of the fins and possibly check/replace the thermostat. Also oil/filter/plug change, chain lube, swim with dogs.

Quick unloaded trip to the beach.  Too lazy to remove tail bag.

Beach riding gear. – Will Noon